Checklist of Projects I am doing this Semester

1. Finishing my first first author paper on the retina.
2. Finishing book chapter.
3. Finishing Petr's paper.
4. Finishing Joydip's first paper.
5. Finishing Joydip's second paper.
6. Working on my second first author paper with Cun-lai Pu on predicting creativity in speech.
7. Studying for the General GRE Note: Must register immediately for the General GRE.
8. Applying to new graduate programs.
9. Applying to fellowship programs.
10. Tutoring on Skype with guy in California, and I am teaching him Python. I plan to make him part of Project 6.
11. Tutoring on Brainfuse.
12. Potentially tutoring additional people via my listing on Craigslist and UniversityTutor.
13. Doing additional retinal lab research.
14. Working on company #0, Alip.
15. Starting company #1.
16. Starting company #2.
17. Writing a website for my dad's medical practice.
18. Updating Professor Carrier's lab website.

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